"There is still time for one more legend."

Epocha Tower is a mysterious monumental dungeon that everyone in the world dreams of beating. Live in the city at its foot and try to accomplish what no adventurer has done before.

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Targeted platforms:  Nintendo Switch, PC

Development phase:  Pre-production & concept

Genre:  top-down adventure game

Human-readable genre:  Take the adventurous nature of the Zelda games and smash it together with Persona-style daily activities.

Concept Arts


Adventurous life means more than what you’ve heard in stories, boy. Yes, the time when your heart beats fast as you face the unknown, that’s part of it. But it's not all.

It’s also about meeting new friends. Getting fooled by a crook. Celebrating after completing a difficult quest. Trying to impress a lady with your courageous deeds. Or sleeping in the same room with a bunch of old farting geezers because you didn’t save enough money for a proper inn.

That’s what adventurous life means to me. That’s what I’ve experienced in the years I’ve lived in Nearest City, right in front of the Epocha Tower.


The legendary Epocha Tower. I couldn’t beat it, even after all those years. The inside of the tower is always changing. Where once was a hallway, now is just a wall. Quiet and empty room could instantly change into a dangerous place. And treasure chests would randomly appear or vanish throughout the floor in order to distract you from the right path.


Too bad you will never see it. Soon the gate of the Tower will close shut and it will stay sealed for one whole generation. Even if you leave right now, you will not have more than a few years before it happens.


But you will still try, right? I can see it in your eyes. The same flame once I had. It does not matter what I say. Your eyes are already set on your goal. You are such a fool, but that’s why you are gonna fit perfectly in.